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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Always forgive freely,

Returning injury for injury to no one.


Never let the sun set before you clear your transgressions,

Repent of your sins.

Clothe yourselves with love,

For with it you can conquer the bitterness abundant in our lives.

Adorn yourselves with the beauties of the world:

Kindness, self-control, and goodness of heart,

That by demonstrating these qualities


You can make the Earth a paradise.


All too often our love is tainted by our pride.


Never be guided by the impetuous impulses of the heart,


For it is the most treacherous tool of the body.


Count every beautiful thing you can see,


And suddenly all the hatred, corruption, and


Violence of the world will vanish.


~My words, photos from Rosie Hardy, Do it for the fame, and of course the lovelies: Eleanor Hardwick and Sarah Hermans. There's a few I don't know where they're from. If anyone knows, just leave a comment or email me as I would like to give these people credit.

I just discovered the most beautiful cards while at a local coffee shop.

A possibility was born...  PG card

All good things are wild and free. PG card

All that I can, I will.

All the great blessings of my life... PG card

Ah, life grows lovely... PG card

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.

And now let us welcome... PG holiday card

And the song... PG holiday card

Beauty and grace... PG card

Be happiness itself. PG card

Blessed is the influence... PG card

Blessed are the happiness-makers. PG card

Blessed is the season... PG holiday card

Caring is everything. PG card

Celebrate your existence. PG card

And this one was my favorite:

Go ahead and cry... PG  card

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Apparently, upon looking at the website, much to my delight, the company sells other gifty things too.


Happily Grateful


Know good. Take Note

Today is the day. Take Note

Today Is Your Day

Dream PG Gift Tag


Life is Beautiful PG Gift Wrap

Explore PG Gift Tag

All around her things bloom nonstop. Her Words Mini Book

Do good. Feel good. Anywhere Notebook

And there, floating and bobbing... Her Words Mini Book

First it begins inside your heart... Her Words Comp Book

Okay, I'll stop now with the pictures.

"Compendium is a Seattle-based company that creates and distributes a fresh, design-rich line of inspiring gift products. Our ever-growing line of gift books, journals, stationery, desk accessories and home décor are now sold in thousands of specialty retail gift stores worldwide."

Visit the website here.

Also, starting soon, I'm going to be a contributing writer for the blog of a new online magazine called Antler. If you haven't heard of it already, I highly suggest you check it out here.

And lastly, I've finally created a Polyvore account. This is my second one, but I never did anything on the other one, so this will be a fresh start. Hopefully I'll actually spend time on it (or have the time to spend on it). Here's the first set I made a couple of days ago:

Oh and one last thing: As I was checking other people's blogs, I noticed mine was looking a little shabby, so anyone who wants to design a new header and/0r layout for me, feel free. I tried designing a header myself, but failed miserably, so if you want to submit a design to me, please contact me via my blog email, which is posted in the sidebar. I really like Daydream Lily's new layout, so something along those lines.

Thanks guys! It's great to be back! I'll update you more on what I did while I was on hiatus, and also, I have so many awards to catch up on, but let's leave that to a separate post.


hiatus is ending.

Sunday, June 21, 2009
Hey guys. Just to let you know, I didn't forget about you. This break was a break I needed, but I'll be back sometime this week.



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