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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
You've always been bashful; you're just that way,

But your eyes are like billboards, they give you away.
Your mouth is a trumpet somebody else plays.
Long after the notes gone the tone usually stays.
And your chest's a fine pillow with lining of feather.
Your hair is a family who's strands stick together.
Your fingers are keys from the grandest piano,
Played by a mind that the lord only knows.
The tongue of an angel floats in red wine saliva.
Your teeth are out of porcelain made by masters in China.
Your face can't be captured by pictures or words.
And your voice is a music that I never heard.
And your skin is a cream dipped out beyond measure.
Your nose is a peak never touched by the weather.
Your fingers are keys from the grandest piano,
Played by a soul that the lord only knows.
Photos from Jess's Blog, Wild Keiki, one of my personal favorites because it is so enchanting to look at.
The words are lyrics from the lovely song Masters in China by Priscilla Ahn

Also, I've been tagged by Autumnrose and Nicola from Inside the Cabinet of Wonder
So apparently the rules are:
1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain that picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!
This is a picture of my adorable dog Aubrey! She is so funny. I think this picture speaks for itself.

I will now tag:


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Once upon a time, Sheep-Girl sat down to write something special for Puppy-Boy, whom she loved so dearly, the mere thought of him made her belly and heart swell with love and happiness and pure joy.

She thought about what she liked,
What they had shared,
And would share in the future.
About her dreams and hopes.
About silly things.
She wanted to make sure that Puppy-Boy would read and look at her little book and think about her.
She wanted to make his belly and heart swell too.
All photos from end of march's blog. The story is one in a book she wrote. I suggest checking out its adorable cuteness here.

I was tagged by This Wheel's On Fire to write 6 unimportant things about me. it goes:

1. My friend and I are exactly 6 months apart in age (her birthday is my half birthday and vice versa)
2. I can't stand the taste of real milk, so I drink soy milk
3. I absolutely love fried tofu
4. I have terrible posture (pointed out by my mother numerous occasions)
5. I apparently have uneven shoulders (pointed out by my doctor after taking the scoliosis test)
6. I can't stand pie crust

I will now tag 6 more people:

Also, I received this award from Penpusher:

The people who receive this award have to write 10 honest things about themselves.

1. I am terrified of heights. Even at the mall, I get paralyzed by looking down from even the second story. Oddly enough, I like massive roller coasters that go 20 times higher than the second story of the mall...
2. I am a vegetarian. As of last year (my anniversary is coming up on January 2nd). So far, I've had no trouble giving up meat and fish. I like it a lot, actually. Now, the thought of eating another animal disgusts me.
3. I used to not be afraid of needles when I was younger, but now I am scared of them. When I used to be able to get shots without even cringing, now I find myself gripping the fabric on the seat until my hands are white.
4. I am not afraid to try new things and of change-an inevitable fate I forced myself to embrace. Now, I find myself trying new things I would have never even imagined me doing every day. I admire that quality in me.
5. I often do not exercise fully my intelligence. I know I am capable of much, but often get very lazy. But don't we all?
6. I tend to dream too much instead of listening to reality beckoning me to wake up.
7. I am the most romantic of my friends, however, I talk the least to guys.
8. I want to travel the world and see every city out there to embrace the culture.
9. I like the city better than the country, however I was born and raised in the suburbs.
10. I can't think of a 10th one because I am in a bit of a rush.

I now pass this award on to:

Link Love

Friday, December 26, 2008
Here is a list of blogs/sites that I frequent on a regular basis. If you would like to be added to the blog roll, please leave a comment below providing me with your URL, site name, and what group you would like to be categorized under.


When Pen Meets Paper
Haggard Library
Neon Gypsy
Love and Art Sanctuary
The Feather Circus
The Lost Princess
Darjeeling Dreams
Daydream Lily
Here Comes the Sun
Oh, French
Rags and Scribbles
The Tea Drinking English Rose
The Unicorn Diaries
Una Bella Vita
Wild Keiki
Light and Writing
Bonjour Bohemian
Words of Opposed Meaning
Dream Chymecindy


Food blogs:

Life and Style/Design:

All Forever After

wild is the wind.

Love me love me love me

Say you do

Let me fly away

With you

For my love is like

The wind

And wild is the wind

Give me more

Than one caress

Satisfy this


Let the wind

Blow through your heart

For wild is the wind


Touch me...

I hear the sound

Of mandolins


Kiss me...

With your kiss

My life begins

You're spring to me

All things

To me

Don't you know you're

Life itself

Like a leaf clings

To a tree

Oh my darling,

Cling to me

For we were creatures

Of the wind
And wild is the wind

So wild is the wind

Photos from one of my very favorite photographers, Courtney Brooke.

The words are lyrics from Wild is the Wind, a lovely little song you might have heard if you've seen the trailer for Revolutionary Road.

Also, the wonderful Susanna-Cole gave me this card. It's so pretty, I just had to share it with you.

Okay, I know that the whole world knows about Lula Magazine, but the most recent issue was my first (a year after their debut, I know-I'm way behind the times). I had listened to people rave about Lula for months, and I had to see what the fuss was all about. I have to say, the fuss is much deserved. I loved everything about the magazine, from the thick, glossy paper to the dreamy photographs, beautiful drawings, and interesting articles. I had planned to tear the photographs from the magazine for wall decoration, but I found that I couldn't. It felt sacreligious to tear anything out of something so much like a book, something so visually stunning. Instead, it sits beside my bed for perusal before I go to sleep. I know it will bring me only the sweetest of dreams.

By the way, I need you guys' personal opinion. Do you like my blog better with the silvery-grayish background, or just plain white? I can't decide!

Finally, yesterday, I saw Valentin. It's an Argentine film and one of my personal favorite foreign films. Click here to read the synopsis. I am not going to link a trailer to this post because I personally think the trailer is quite frankly awful. If you see the trailer, it will make you not want to see the film, so please don't view the trailer. And if you've already seen it, feel free to leave a comment about your opinion.

Wow! That was a lot of writing!




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